author This website is where you will find reliable information about Addiction, Substance Abuse, and Rehabilitation. It is information that you can trust.

You can trust this information because I am a fully qualified and Registered Australian  Medical Practitioner, and all the content on this site is written and endorsed by me.  All information found here at Addiction Rehab Now, will have been researched, and verified by me personally.  It is based on the latest information from trusted medical sources such as Medical Journals, Medical Textbooks and from my own experience as a working doctor.

You will never find any weird fringe ideas or wacky information on this website.  I am not using this website as a means of making my own fortune, but to help and inform anyone who comes here looking for reliable information about Addiction – information that they can trust.

I will also respond personally to any questions or comments that anyone posts in the Comments box of any post.

All the information found on this website is fully endorsed by me.

Dr. Carol Manser MBBS (Hons).


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  1. Very interesting. I am studying Health & Wellbeing (Hons) at the University of Greenwich and have just completed an essay on Health Behaviour Change. Wish I had seen this previously as the information here makes a lot of sense. I shall carry on viewing as suggested by my Facebook friend Chris Goode!!

  2. My apologies, Jacqui, I don’t know how I missed this comment – probably because running a website is a new project for me. But no excuses! Now I’m onto it!

    I’m glad my website was of help in your project. I’ve already written a lot of articles around that thorny issue of how to make difficult decisions, and how to decide to change our behavior. I’ll be uploading them soon.

    It’s such an important, and difficult, issue when the problem behaviour involves addiction. It’s also the central goal for successful rehab treatment, and the primary focus Rehab: getting people with an addiction to that mental and emotional place where they can achieve, and maintain, Recovery.

    And say ‘Hi’ to Chris – but keep an eye on him – he’s not always ‘goode’ – just kidding Chris! He’s a goode friend of mine too.


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